Vratza Limestone

Limestone queryTraditions in the extraction and processing of natural stone in Bulgaria date back for centuries. The white limestone is known and used in the construction of buildings and sites of cultural and historical value, as it is traditionally used in the manufacturing of monuments , memorials , etc. Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed primarily of calcium carbonate. It is sustainable to cold and frost and is used in outdoor decorations without the risk of breaking in any way. The predominant color is cream-based, ranging from very light, almost white to pale beige, with the option of different patterns, depending on the area of the material's production.

Limestone is very soft and easy to work with, enduring all kinds of surface treatment - polishing, artificial aging, known as the "antiques" etc. One of the most recognizable and famous buildings in the Bulgaria are lined with slabs of Vratza limestone - the Palace of Justice in Sofia, Cathedral " Alexander Nevsky ", Sofia University " St. Kliment Ohridski ", the Central Department Store , and countless buildings and monuments of regional importance across the country. Because of its qualities, limestone finds its place among the huge palette of natural materials from around the world. It is well known, accepted and used far beyond the borders of Bulgaria. 


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